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About Our Dogs

Health Screening

As part of our 1st Week and 2 - Year Guarantee, all of our puppies are screened for the most common health issues that are associated with the Australian Cattle Dog breed. All of puppies - and their parents - must pass these exams with flying colours before they become available for purchase. 

All of our puppies (or their parents) are screened for:

Before anyone can visit their puppy or bring them home, we require they have had their first set of vaccinations for at least one week. This is in everyone's best interest as puppies of that age are vulnerable. By waiting until they have had their shots, we ensure a happy, healthy pup will arrive at your home. These vaccinations are paired with your puppy's first worming and a pedicure. 

During this time, your puppy is also microchipped and their individual number will be recorded directly onto their Canadian Kennel Club registration papers. Microchipping is the best way to ensure your puppy will come home again if they are ever lost or stolen. Some breeders recommend tattooing in addition to microchipping, but we leave that up to your discretion. 

Baywolf Kennels is a proud member of the Canadian Kennel Club as well as the Australian Cattle Dog Club of Canada.

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