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What is the First Week Guarantee?

What is the 2 Year Guarantee?

Your first vet visit is suggested to occur within the first 7 days of their arrival in your home.  If any deficiency is detected by your vet within those first 7 days, we will refund up to the full cost of your puppy, in exchange for their safe return to our care.  

If, within 2 years time, your dog develops any genetically induced defect that interferes with their ability to fulfill their role in your home, we will refund up to the full price of your pet towards treatment costs.  Beyond this, we will gladly accept their return to our care.

What if I can no longer care for my companion?

When can I come see the puppies?

We love visitors, and are proud to show off our furry family almost every chance we get. COVID-19 restrictions have made this difficult and we are currently working on new ideas on how to best introduce you to our puppies and their parents.


If you'd like to meet the parents before the pups are born, we are more than happy to schedule that for you. The same goes for after they've been vaccinated. Once they have received their shots and are protected against commonly transmitted illnesses, we would be glad to see you!



We will gladly accept their return to our care, and will do our best to find them a new forever home. In the event that is not possible, they will have a forever home with us. Please make us your first consideration if rehoming becomes a requirement.

Why aren't you able to promise me a puppy by a certain date?

Litter sizes are on average just 5-7 pups, and we space them widely. We prefer to breed selectively, believing it results in a better breed, a happier parent, and a healthier pup. 


Quality over Quantity.

What influences your pricing?

Our dogs come from imported and champion blood lines, and the breeding pairs are carefully chosen for optimal mental and physical health. Beyond this, they are selected primarily for their work ethic, biddability, and herding instincts - but we flatter ourselves they are good looking as well.  They are tested, socialized, purebred, registered, chipped, vaccinated, wormed, and health guaranteed.

At the end of the day, only you can know if our dogs are the ones for you but we are happy to give whatever advice we can. 

Do you dock your dogs' tails or remove dewclaws?

But, I've met Heelers with short tails and their owners told me it was normal?


There is a mixed breed outcrossing commonly referred to as a Texas Heeler.  Unlike a purebred Blue Heeler, so-called 'Texas' Heelers are often born with a naturally bobbed tail. As an outcross, these are not considered registerable, or good examples of the breed standard. There is also what is called a 'Stump Tail Heeler'.  Both Stump Tails and Texas Heelers have naturally occurring short tails. 


Much of the confusion surrounding tail docking practices arises from all having the appellation 'Heeler'.

We have not, do not, and will not.  And we do not recommend it unless by medical necessity. ACDs are born with (and breed standards require they keep) their tails.  We feel strongly that your pup deserves all the benefits of the breed - including their dewclaws and their waggling tails.


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