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Gemma has matured into a lovely lady! She's an excellent addition to our active family. She's bonded so well with our 4 month old daughter, always trying to play and snuggle in with her!  She's our adventure dog! She loves hiking, being at the farm, water sports, or just hanging out at home with the family. She's so good with other dogs, always up for a game of fetch or tug a war! We love her tenacious personality, she's almost too smart for her own good! Love having a cattle dog in our home! 

- The Hill Family


"We love Bohdie and are grateful. He is an amazing companion, great with other dogs, he loves kids...he is a great companion for outdoor adventures and usually presents some photogenic pose opportunities (haha). Overall he is very well behaved, very active (enjoys fetch and wrestling) but also comfortable inside for a while when his owner is studying."

-- Elizabeth LeGay

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Pink - 2021.jfif

"Thx again for being such a good breeder and for the opportunity you had given a very happy family."

- FD & family

Baywolf Abby

2021 litter



" I got a female puppy from your litter last year and I cannot say enough good things about her. I absolutely adore her and all the care you have put into your breeding program shows in her... She is training in dog sports and doing fantastic. She is all I could have dreamed of and more ❤   "

- DG

Baywolf Battledog

2020 litter


"Milly is great! ... She loves affection, always wants to be snuggled up to us, very competitive with other dogs, great with our children and is naturally very athletic!" 

- Mark & Jillian 

Baywolf Diamond Lill

2016 litter

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