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Baywolf Kennels

Registered Australian Cattle Dogs, Red & Blue Heelers - since 1978

At Baywolf Kennels, we do more than sell you a pet. We provide a cherished companion and driven workmate.

We exclusively breed ACDs and we've been doing so for decades because we believe in the spirit of this breed and everything it can offer to the humans it works and plays beside. 

We LOVE our dogs and we know you'll love them too

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Our Vision

Baywolf Kennels was created in the pursuit of nurturing the spirit of the true Australian Cattle Dog:

agile, tenacious, intelligent, and fiercely loyal.   

We are proud to be able to share what we consider to be the best attributes of this breed of incredible dogs with homes around the world.  


Each litter is home & hand raised on our working family farm with love, patience, and experience.

We typically only have one litter in a year - and it may even be longer!   We care as much about the parent as we do the pup, and follow best practices to ensure the health and happiness of ALL our dogs. 

Because we breed so infrequently, we encourage you to join our mailing list to ensure that you're in the know on when our puppies are next available.  We also have an Instagram account, @Baywolf_kennels, where we post pictures from on the farm.


Our Promise To You:

Due to the history of the breed and its complex origin, common complaints many breeders hear relate to genetic issues: blindness, joint issues, or deafness.

We test for all of this and exclude any pairing that does not pass with flying colours.   Know that when you choose to start your journey together with us, you are starting a relationship with a long, healthy life.  The best possible genetic health & rigorous screening practices - every litter, every time. 

Our Guarantees

1st week:  Your first vet visit is suggested to occur within the first 7 days of their arrival in your home.  If any deficiency is detected by your vet within those first 7 days, we will refund up to the full cost of your puppy, in exchange for their safe return to our care. 

If, within 2 years' time, your dog develops any genetically induced defect that interferes with their ability to fulfill their role in your home, we will work with you to strategize how best to care for them, & refund up to the full price of your pet towards their treatment.  Beyond this, we will of course, always gladly accept their return to our care.

Your Companion Will Always Have A Home

If for whatever reason you can no longer care for your puppy, we will gladly accept their return to our care and do our best to find them a new forever home. You will never be forced to resort to shelters or entrust them to a stranger.  We love our pups and we will always want them back.  In the event that our finding a new family for them is not possible, they will have a loving forever home with us.

Let's Get In Touch

As we breed only infrequently, and have a high volume of interest, we recommend joining our mailing list.

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Follow us for updates and find recent photos on Instagram: @baywolf_kennels

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